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Buddy's Custom Grills

We build custom grill of all shapes and sizes. From small deck and patio grills to large trailer grills, we've built it all. All of our grills are custom built from the ground up to be unique to you and meet your requirements. Get in touch with us to get started building the custom grill you've always dreamed of.

Buddy's Classic Catering

The Buddy's team has been cooking up delicious meals for friends and family for over a decade. We're available to help you make your next event sure to be a success. We've got you covered for any type of event from indoor / outdoor weddings, company parties and backyard barbecues.

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Buddy's Dry Rubs

Our family began mixing this seasoning in our farmhouse kitchen, and it became the secret ingredient of our catering business and bbq cook-off victories. This local, SC Certified product is perfect for beef, chicken, poultry, seafood, and vegetables - our personal favorite is sprinkled over pan-fried corn and roasted potatoes. We pray your family loves it as much as we do.