About Us

Birthed out of a love for barbecue, the south and summer evenings, Buddy and Christopher started bottling their tried and true dry rub and making custom grills for friends and family. Their work truly speaks for itself and it didn't take long for a small hobby to turn into a business. Buddy and Christopher are proud to be providing tasty seasoning, custom grills, and classic catering to lovers of the great southern classic... Barbecue!


Buddy Rodgers

Buddy's knowledge of souther cuasine and barbecue comes from rich southern experiences. Buddy grew up a farmer growing tobacco, soy beans, corn. In the 1990's he went full time into the barbecue business creating his own recipes, spices and grills



Christopher Bolding

Christopher married into the family in 2009 and loved anytime Buddy would grill. After seeing how many people were talking about how great Buddy's Dry Rub was, Chris came on board to help Buddy bottle his rub and bring it to market. Christopher is proud to be a part of Buddy's Barbecue and help develop new products coming in the future.