About Us

Birthed out of a love for barbecue, the south and summer evenings, Buddy and Christopher started bottling their tried and true dry rub and barbecue sauce as well as making custom grills for friends and family. Their work truly speaks for itself and it didn't take long for a small hobby to turn into a business. Buddy and Christopher are proud to be providing tasty seasoning and sauces, custom grills, and classic catering to lovers of the great southern classic... Barbecue!


Buddy Rogers

Buddy's knowledge of southern cuisine and barbecue comes from rich southern experiences. Buddy grew up a farmer growing tobacco, soy beans, an corn. He quickly discovered, though, his love for cooking and fabricating custom grills. He made that his career, and he's been doing it for 25 years. He's a volunteer firefighter and happiest when he's inventing a new recipe in the kitchen (he's also known for the massive mess he makes while inventing said recipes). He's been married to Loria Ann for 34 years, and they have two daughters, Maegan and Anna. He's the ultimate softball dad and spent years sitting on a bucket catching pitches. He is also known as PaPa to two little ones. He loves a good road trip, cooking for a crowd, and a great big prime rib. He's a dreamer and problem solver (he even built a motorized Ferris wheel for his grand babies for Christmas!), so he will be the one pushing the limits of what is traditionally done and always tries to make everything bigger and better. He would love to help you make your recipes even better with his Dry Rub and Sauces, set a menu that is perfect for your event, or design a custom grill that is only limited by your imagination.



Christopher Bolding

Christopher married into the family in 2009 and quickly discovered his new favorite food - Buddy’s Ribs. After learning that Buddy had been mixing and giving his famous dry rub to friends in ziplock bags, he sought out to make Buddy’s dream a reality and have his rub bottled and sold. Pretty soon, they developed a sauce recipe too and brought it to market as well. Although he works full time as a bridge designer, he loves channeling his inner entrepreneur (he watches a little too much Shark Tank) through this business. He’s highly organized and loves working on the planning side of orders and events. He grew up in the Upstate of SC and then later worked at Disney World and spent a summer in Thailand before graduating from the Citadel with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2008. He loves watching Clemson football, sitting in a deer stand, swinging a golf club, and boating on Lake Murray, but rarely has time to do so because his kids - Coleman and Ellie - seem to keep him busy.